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Bulgarian Association for Reality Therapy is a representative of the European Association of Reality Therapy (EART) and the European Institute of Reality Therapy (EIRT).


The Basic training certification gives you the right to continue your development in the advanced level programs: RT counselor and RT psychotherapy.


Prepares professionals who want to build or improve their skills for psychological counseling in various spheres of life.


The training is completed with a European certificate in psychotherapy, which is recognized in Bulgaria and all over Europe.

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Bulgarian Association for Reality Therapy

The Bulgarian Reality Therapy Association was founded in early 2021 as a non-profit association that develops activities related to the training, dissemination and practical application of Reality Therapy and Choice Theory.

Some words from our students

“BATR creates a community of like-minded individuals united by the cause of helping people improve their lives. Key to all programs is the focus on self-discovery and the integration of theory by each student.”

Todor Simeonov, PhD
Psychologist and Wellness Coach

“Being part of this training is an incredible opportunity. Reality Therapy is not only for people who want to become psychotherapists, but also for those who want to try Choice Theory and transform their lives.”

Gergana Buhova
Owner of a school for mental arithmetics

“I find commonalities between Choice Theory and coaching. I apply a significant part of what I learned during the Basic Intensive Course in my practice. This has challenged me to continue my training in the psychotherapist program.”

Ichrak Marques
Business consultant and coach

“The level of professionalism in the program is inspiring. The international team of coaches we have already met is great. I highly recommend this experience to all my colleagues.”

Karina Byalkova
Clinical Psychologist

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