Certification programs and trainings

Basic Training in Reality Therapy

Do you want to understand yourself and others better? Do you want to master the Theory of Choice and the application of Reality Therapy in personal relationships, in your partnership, in the workplace, to improve your professional skills, to build adaptability and resilience? Then this course is for you. The Basic training certification gives you the right to continue your development in the advanced level programs: RT counselor and RT psychotherapy.

Certification Training 'Reality Therapy Counselor'

The Reality Therapy counselor program prepares professionals who want to build or improve their skills for psychological counseling in various spheres of life: individual and group counseling in business, human development in the corporate and social environment, in the field of formal, corporate and non-formal education, etc.

Certification Training ‘Reality Therapy Psychotherapist'

The program for psychotherapists of Reality Therapy prepares highly effective and responsible professionals who provide psychotherapeutic services in private practice, clinics, government and non-governmental organizations for mental health and psycho-social rehabilitation, etc. The training is awarded with a European certificate in psychotherapy, which is recognized in Bulgaria and all over Europe.

About the Organization

BATR aims to develop activities in connection with the training, dissemination and practical application of Reality Therapy.



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